As individuals and institutions aspire to be in the lead of civilizational development and advancement, it is inevitable that they further their knowledge and performance to the highest levels possible. This demands exceptional commitment to continued learning and training in order to acquire and update knowledge.
Our ultimate objective is to adopt the latest advancement in world knowledge. Our approach relies on team spirit and the encouragement of individuals to be involved in team work. We seek to put the theoretical knowledge into application, and to raise the level of performance of individuals and institutions and encourage creativity.
We guarantee an incomparable level of quality in training courses in the following fields:

We guarantee an incomparable level of quality in training courses in the following fields:

Public Safety
Oil and Gas

Training Methods

Everist embraces diversity in its training approaches and adopts the latest training methods. Everist believes that interaction of diverse training methods enriches the skills and experiences gained through the training. Some of the most important methods we use are:

  • Case studies: which use past trainee experiences as a training aid and allow trainees to study them carefully to broaden their own skills and horizons, and as a result achieve interaction among trainees.
  • Workshops and exercises: which enable trainees to evaluate their own knowledge and experiences through direct feedback. These workshops and exercises give trainees the opportunity to directly apply their different skills and experiences.
  • Training games: where trainees learn through practical experiences as opposed to theoretical input. Games are some of the most positive, active, and interactive tools of present-day training.
  • Role-play: role-play is an important training tool where trainees enact a problem, study it from different angles, and come up with the best possible solutions for it.
  • Training movies: Everist has a repository of visual aids and materials that trainees can access to experience and familiarize themselves with different situations and problems and think of the best possible solutions for them.
  • Field visits: Everist uses field visits when they are needed and feed into the training topics. Those visits help trainees gain first-hand experiences in those topics and improve their practical skills.

Training venues

The best training venue for each course is decided in agreement with the partner receiving the training.